Project Development

  • Concept development for entertainment centres, including zoning and design, for both new constructions and adaptations to existing buildings
  • Expert evaluation of the market and possible risks
  • Statement of the technique specifications for projection/reconstruction
  • Adapting ready-made design projects to correspond to the conditions of local markets
  • Budgeting and scheduling of all project phases
  • Preparing the financial plan with transparent scheme of the reporting for investors
  • Client Relation Management
  • Full complex of construction, engineering, finishing and decoration works
  • Project support:  work supervision and quality control under established time frames and budget execution; recommendations and selection; supply of decorative materials and engineering equipment; participation in the process of selecting contractors in order to secure the best quality and price
  • Establishing a maintenance department for post-services.
  • Recommendations on equipment, including gaming tables, slot machines, IT, CCTV and F&B equipment

Business Development

  • Market analysis and concept development
  • Estimating revenues and expenditures of the operational budget
  • Estimating return on investment
  • Developing the organizational structure and internal policies and procedures
  • Developing and implementing reporting systems
  • Software recommendations – Casino Management, Slots Management, Staff Management, etc.
  • Installing and testing equipment
  • Developing marketing, loyalty and customer attraction programs, in addition to making recommendations for their implementation
  • Staff recruitment, testing and training
  • Recommendations for selecting staff uniform
  • Recommendations for developing a salary structure and staff motivation programs
  • Staff Assessment Program.
  • Development and implementation of Mystery Guest programs
  • Developing and setting up testing systems for policies and procedures
  • Process analysis and overall assessment of the work

Consultancy Services

All consultancy services re directions mentioned above.