VIN MANAGEMENT - Entertainment centre project management, development, implementation and consultancy services, specialising in Hotel & Resort complexes and Casinos

“VIN Management” has multiyear experience and qualifications as a provider of services relating to the design, development and implementation of multipurpose gaming centres, including casinos, slot machine halls, hotels, spas, clubs, bars, restaurants and rest areas.

Our company’s founders have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. We possess a variety of skills in business management and engineering, which enable us to take a practical and innovative approach to project management and business development. We have worked extensively throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe, in addition to conducting comprehensive market research for gaming and entertainment complexes opening across the world, including South East Asia and Latin America.

We can provide a variety of services encompassing project management, business development, operations and consultancy, which include:

  • preparation and planning for both building adaptations and new constructions;
  • budgeting and scheduling;
  • local market analysis and risk assessment;
  • estimating return on investment;
  • liaising with clients and contractors;
  • recommending, installing and testing equipment and software;
  • developing internal policies and procedures;
  • staff recruitment, testing and training;
  • full management and financial control of operating components.

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